1979 Honda XL500S – update 1

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1979 Honda XL500S – update 1 I had read on one of the thumper forums that replacing the XL swingarm with the FT one was possible with not too much hassle. The FT is wider at the mounting point and longer with the bottom shock mounts a little further back than the XL one. After […]

Douglas 42L2 update 1

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Douglas 42L2 update 1 Scooters made in the 1950’s had different frame styles and engines than the more recent scooters. 50’s scooter attributes Engine side cowl has a bump that cuts into the frame. There is a small door below the choke and fuel levers which hinges toward the headset. For models with 8″ wheels this […]

Bajaj scooter update 14

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Bajaj scooter update 14 Sante has come early in the Southern Scoot workshop with new parts for the Black Roughie and some other projects on the go. Hopefully, the Bajaj will be the next scoot to complete next years MotoTT (which most scooterists still call the Mille) and its time for some new bits and pieces […]

Sally the Skelly

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Sally the Skelly The skeleton (from Greek σκελετός, skeletós “dried up”) is the body part that forms the supporting structure of an organism. Sally the Skelly is the current pilot for Elsie the Lambretta scooter and has been keen to get out and ride but alas, she has no eyes to see where she is […]

Bajaj scooter update 13

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Bajaj scooter update 13 The Bajaj has had quite a few additions as it has evolved from Barry the Bajaj into The Black Roughie. In effect the Bajaj has become the test bed for all things scooter and will continue to be “adjusted” as time permits. It has been a great learning tool as I have been lucky […]

Bajaj scooter update 12

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Bajaj scooter update 12 Its funny the things you learn as you pull your scooter to pieces and then put it back together again. I am not a vespa expert by any means but have acquired a pretty good knowledge about scooter engines, wiring, exhausts, tyres, forks, wheels, carburetors, stands, bodywork, painting, seats and pretty […]