Clunk Scooter Club Calendar

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Clunk Scooter Club Calendar So whose got some good pictures of their scooter? Looking for that perfect gift for your scooterist? Read the rules, get out there on your scooter, take your camera and get some pictures off to Tara for the next Calendar!! You know you want to.

Easter 2013

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While on holiday with family in christchurch over the Easter break, the opportunity to join the Canscoot guys on a ride out to Akaroa was too good to miss so the PX was packed onto the trailer for the drive to shakey town. The weather forecast was grim but the rain missed us and it […]

Bajaj scooter update 7

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Bajaj scooter update 7 Hmm. The Bajaj has been left in the naughty corner for a bit after going “bang” the last time I tried to start it. I assumed the piston would have a hole in it but after opening the motor up, found it was fine. One thing I did notice was the […]

Bajaj scooter update 6

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Bajaj scooter update 6 OK. Still haven’t fixed the lights as Barry now has a fuel issue… The motor now runs but the carburetor leaks and if you leave the fuel tap on it empties on the floor – BAD BAD Bajaj !! Harumph! So, now I have got a new needle and float and […]

Mods and Rockers 2012

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Mods and Rockers 2012 Who will take out the honors this year? 2009 was the year for the Mods … 2010 Rockers only just, took the shield … 2011 against all bias decisions ! it was the Mods again… It would appear the Mods are showing great favorites entering into this years battle. Due to […]

Central Plateau Scooter Challenge

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A group of “hardened” scooterists (myself –  Terena Currey, you and friends) are going to ride from Wanganui to Taupo on 50cc scooters on a run to raise money and awareness for the Child Cancer Foundation.. We will be leaving Trafalger Square Car Park at 7:30am (oohh I can hear the groans) and heading on […]

Function at the Junction

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Function at the Junction Mac, one of the local well known scooterists in NZ was tasked with organising a weekend of fun for keen participants. My wife and I had already talked about purchasing a new trailer from a ch-ch company, so we organised a trip to collect it around the function at the junction […]

Bajaj scooter update 3

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Bajaj scooter update 3 The Bajaj has totally new wiring ordered as a complete CDI kit with an additional keyswitch and wiring loom from Scoots RS. Ive put the ignition switch just above the choke, however getting the loom up through to the horn, headlight and handlebar switch wasn’t so straight forward. You get a […]

Bajaj scooter update 2

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Bajaj scooter update 2 I finally got Janes bajaj scooter back together and am now just testing the new electrical system after completing most of the jobs for this scooter. Just as well there’s no invoice for my time… Joblist Complete rewiring for CDI, and key ignition. New flywheel, engine gaskets , oil seals, etc […]

1958 Douglas 92L2

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1958 Douglas 92L2  Parity with Piaggio production at last with newer style chassis and front damper. The headlight was moved to the handlebars I’m not sure of the year of this scooter yet and will have to confirm the serial numbers with the veteran vespa club in the UK. It’s approximately a 1958 from what […]

NZeta Scooters

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NZeta Scooters The NZeta 501 was based on the Jawa Cezeta model 501/05. It was fitted with a dynastarter plus kick start and 2 batteries giving 12 volts. The dynastarter worked as a generator and a starter motor. Ignition was electrical, the stator then switched by a voltage regulator to become the generator and charge […]

Southern Rider Escapade

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Southern Rider Escapade 1 September till 30th November This year is our 4th annual Southern Rider Escapade. The Escapade is a bike road rally with a slight difference. You are given a route to take, and a long this route you must answer questions that are given on a question sheet. You then return the […]

The Lamchair

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The Lamchair I saw some some leg shields on trade me for a series 1 or 2 Lambretta from a guy in Christchurch. I had seen some other scooter parts converted into computer chairs and the like and thought why not do something with them ?                   I […]

Bajaj scooter update 1

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Bajaj scooter update 1 I have now pulled the motor out of the Bajaj to get the kick start shaft replaced. Finding some information on the scooter has been interesting to say the least, apparently the Indian manufacturer Bajaj made some scooters out of parts from various Italian model machines. This explains why a lot of scooterists […]

The Electric PX

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            On my travels for business and what not I was recently working at a local firm, Leitch Motorsport and Restoration. Its a small home based outfit run by Barry Leitch and they specialize in restoring all types of vehicles. They are the epitome of your small business here in […]