1970 Vespa SS90 project

1970 Vespa SS90 project

This 1970 Vespa SS 90 scooter came with some other bits and pieces from a local Invercargill man called Rex. He had advertised on Trade Me looking for a cash sale – not an auction, for his cack (that is scooter stuff mum) and had some photo’s of the scooters and parts.

Everything had been in a spare room for 8-10 years with the intention to “do them up” but time and life changed his circumstances. Rumour has it that it was brought new by a man from bluff but this is unconfirmed at the moment. The engine is a 1970 serial number in an Airco body. It is complete but doesn’t have the dummy tank as they weren’t used here in NZ and is in pretty good shape.

I’m not sure what I will do with this at the moment but if you are interested, read on. It might be worth “doing up” or just reassembling it and getting it going or maybe even selling it as is.

  • Good Points:

Complete, all original parts; Motor turns over freely, oil is old but clean;  rear hinging airco seat, 7994 miles on original Veglia 80MPH speedo, original exhaust in good condition, Body in awesome condition with only light surface rust.

  • Less good but no big deal points:

No number plate or ownership papers; tyres, cables and the shroud need replaced, paint; don’t know if motor goes yet (but will find out). It turns over fine and has good compression.

It is a good project either way for someone.

Project now sold

1970 Vespa SS90 project

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