Belladonna Black 07

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This Belladonna scooter has been in the wars and was purchased because of its pedigree and I liked the rough and ready look of it. Also the location was handy when planning scooter trips up north. The original 150 engine in it had been modified and the scooter could get along at 120kms on the […]

1958 Douglas 92L2 update 5

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    1958 Douglas 92L2 update 5 Recently I discovered how the Douglas scooters were numbered. I had been told the scooter was a 42L2 but after some internet searching and comparing serial numbers with known scooters, I was able to figure out a rough guide as to the dating of the scooters. My serial […]

1979 Honda XL500S – Tyres

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1979 Honda XL500S – Tyres The original tyres that came on the CBR600 rims, I have used for this project, were in poor condition. Once the bike was up and running enough to get a basic tune done, the old tyres were going to be replaced anyway. The rear tyre was huge compared with the […]

1979 Honda XL500S – Front Guard

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1979 Honda XL500S – Front Guard As the project has evolved, the stripped down look is fine but a little impractical, when living in an area, where inclement weather can happen at anytime. I have seen a lot of other similar projects without mudguards and have always wondered what they would be like to actually […]

Vespa SS180 stator replacement

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Vespa SS180 stator replacement I upgraded the original points ignition system on the SS180 quite some time ago but havn’t made too many changes to it since then. The lighting has been great and other than a pickup failing, the rest has worked very well. It was one of the hottest days we have had […]

Bullseye the Vespa SS90

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Bullseye the Vespa SS90 So I got a ring from a guy that was selling a Vespa SS90. He was looking for a good home for his scooter and after talking to him for a bit and some emails back and forth I realised that he was actually a serious seller. We eventually settled on […]

Reachies Belladonna Scooter

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Reachies Belladonna Scooter Recently a Belladonna scooter was advertised for sale in Auckland Black Bella 2003 – 172 QUATTRINI M1X MilleMiglia plus 60mm Mazzucchelli full circle Crankshaft. More or less 182cc – All engine work undertaken by professional technicians.  – Quality bearings and seals – Mikuni TM32 flat slide carburettor – Quattrini V Reed and […]

Bajaj scooter – Moto 2019

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Bajaj scooter – Moto 2019 Things have been a bit slow on the scooter front over the last year with one thing and another. The MotoTT 2019 is fast approaching and the Bajaj is getting some much needed love for the event. The last time out, on this event in 2017, the scooter started spitting […]

1979 Honda XL500S – Fabrication

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1979 Honda XL500S – Fabrication Other than building the seat base, the exhaust system and fittings there hasn’t been too much “fabrication” to do on this bike so far. There are a couple of things that do need sorted out, other than the electrical system, wheels, brakes, etc, etc; Handlebars, switches and cables Headlight and […]

1979 Honda XL500S – Frame 2

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1979 Honda XL500S – Frame 2 While sorting out the tank the seat has now become the next main focus because of where the rear of the tank will mount. There are plenty of cafe racer style seats available online, at reasonable cost but they might not necessarily fit. Some have the seat dimensions and […]