The Lamchair


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The Lamchair

I saw some a set of leg shields on trade me for a series 1 or 2 Lambretta from a guy in Christchurch. I had seen some other scooter parts converted into computer chairs and the like and thought why not do something with them ?

I had my crappy old computer seat and some spare bits of custom wood lying around the workshop so after a measure up and cutting a hole in the leg shields, I put it all together to make sure it was going to work and then disassembled it to start painting.

I had a can of black exhaust paint and another one of silver so just brought some masking tape and got painting. It only took a day or two to get it together and was pretty straight forward as long as you remembered to measure twice cut once.

While it does the job of a seat it’s not overly comfortable and at the end of the day It’s still as crappy a seat as it was before but now having a nice black and silver paint job and sports an Lambretta Li 150 badge on it.

Eventually I may be able to collect enough parts for a complete Lambretta scooter…