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Burt Munro challenge

2010 Burt Munro

This rally, organised by the Southland Motorcycle Club, continues to be the best Motorcycle event of its kind in New Zealand. It’s professionally run and very well organised with the numbers attending just getting bigger and bigger each year.

Rally Information here

Register here

This year they have added another event –

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New Zealand Classic Scooter Rally

The eleventh annual NZ Classic Scooter rally was held in Inglewood, near New Plymouth, this year at the Vertical Horizon adventure centre over Labour Weekend.

Pictures here.

Organised this year by Thornton Peck and helpers, Southern Scoot decided to take a look and maybe get some work done, by Mr Skoot, on the scooter at

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Isle of Wight International Scooter Rally
















2010 Isle of Wight

Plans are a foot to attend this rally with the – Modern World Scooter Club – stay tuned !

Facebook Group – here

Pictures here

I’d never heard much about the Isle of Wight before

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2010 Brass Monkey

2010 Brass Monkey

30th Brass Monkey Rally – Rally Web Site

The Rally is one of the last great motorcycling adventures in New Zealand.

The Rally is always held over Queens Birthday weekend at Oturehua in the heartland of Central Otago.

Directions – here


The last Brass Monkey I went to was in 1990

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2010 Mad as a March Hare

2010 Mad as a March hare

Be there or be a Square Hare!

Photos of the ride – Here and Here

The Canscoot boys organised an 1100Km ride around a few towns in the central mainland and on the west coast and I went along for look. Being the first long road trip for the

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2010 Events

2010 Events


January 10th

Ruapuna Raceway

Christchurch Casino Lady Wigram Revival is happening the weekend of 8 -10th January and the Canscoot boys are going to add a bit of class to the event with a lunchtime cruise around the track on the Sunday. Drop them an email ASAP if you are keen to

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