Bajaj scooter update 16

So its now into a new year and we are a bit closer to the next Moto TT. From the last post I had done some re-cabling and purchased some bits and pieces from SIP for the Bajaj. The checklist from the last post was:

  1. Working 12v LED indicators
  2. A working front brake switch
  3. A registered and warranted scooter
  4. A working, backlit electronic speedo/rev counter with a temperature gauge and low fuel indicator
  5. A larger non leaking fuel tank
  6. A better rear shock and somewhere for the spare wheel to live

Everything has been done and the only changes have been:

  1. I blew up the LED flasher unit as while it was 12V, it was also a DC unit designed for a battery. I got a replacement Tridon 2 pin unit from Supercheap that ran the new LED indicators just fine.
  2. I had to replace the original speedo cable for a longer one with a thread that fit the SIP speedo unit as the speedometer part would only work intermittently. It still reads about 10kms too fast but that’s what the old one was like anyway.

sip speedo

tridon led flasher unit






The friendly team here at Rogers Yamaha did the warrant and registration bits and the larger tank and BGM rear shock are working very well.

I have decided to go to tubeless rims and tyres and am just waiting on the spare rim to arrive. Mr Skoot supplied the Michelin S1 3.50 x 10 tyres and they have been put on the SIP 2.5 tubeless rims.

If you don’t have a local tyre company that can put the tyres on these rims for you then you are in for a bit of a workout and some swearing, especially if you have never done this before. All I will say is use plenty of lubrication, I just used dish washing liquid and long tyre levers. Forget about marking the rim as its going to get marked.

tubeless rims Bajaj scooter






First ride out with the new michelin tyres today was great. A little different to the conti’s I normally run but the tyres seemed OK.

The NZCSC national scooter rally is on the 19th of February so it looks like that will be the test of the new scooter bits for the Bajaj.


2 thoughts on “Bajaj scooter update 16

  1. Do you reckon the tubeless rims are worth doing? I had my eye on a pair on TM for my belladonna, but they are quite expensive!

    1. I’m using this scooter for some high speed riding and want to be able to have a choice as to where I can go when I get a flat unlike a tubed tyre that will just dump me where it happens. Thats the theory anyway.

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