Italy Vespa tour 2024

Italy vespa tour 2024

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Italy Vespa tour 2024

Recently we were lucky enough to participate in a Vespa tour of Italy with the Canterbury scooter club. The plan was to meet in Rome, see the sights there and then take the train to Pisa to collect our scooters. We would travel around Italy and return the scooters in Florence before getting on the train to Venice. A few of us organized trips either side of the tour and some wives and partners were able to join the tour at different times. An excellent Canscoot team managed most of the itinerary. Their local knowledge of accommodation, routes and sights to visit, made the trip relatively hassle free and very enjoyable.

When in Rome

Our first scooter trip was with Roberto from the Bici Baci Company in Rome. We saw all of the main tourist attractions and he provided a very good commentary about the sites and the history. Like a lot of Italian people, he was very passionate about their history, and we learnt a lot from him. Our first-time riding on the wrong side of the road was quite interesting. The driving style there is aggressive but generally people will let you in, or just go around you.

We noticed that there are scooters everywhere, as they are well suited to the narrow streets and the available parking. Even the cars are quite small especially in the country where the roads can be very narrow with no parking options. 


From Rome we got on the train to travel to Pisa, where we picked up our scooters and a support van for the trip. The Vespa Rent Company was a small family-owned business and the Primavera 125 scooters were all in good condition. They had good storage under the seat for helmets and some had a top box on the back as well. I wasn’t expecting much from the automatics we had hired, however they turned out to be very capable. They were fast enough to keep up with city traffic and had excellent fuel economy.

With a top speed of only around 85kph, we didn’t ride on the motorways, however we did ride on some excellent B roads. I had a new scooter with only 6kms on the clock, and then returned it with over 1700kms, after the 9 days of riding. The seat could have been better, but as we were touring on scooters that were designed for quick trips around towns, it wasn’t an issue. With the type of riding we were doing, the automatics were a very good choice. Some of the places we went, would have been a handful on older geared scooters.

One electrical breakdown and one rear tyre swap, were the only issues for the whole trip. These were dealt with quickly, by the rental company. It was quite good to be able to just enjoy the riding and not have to worry too much about anything, unlike riding classic geared scooters. No pre-mixing of fuel, carrying a bag or tools and spare parts, was a refreshing bonus as well. 


While we visited and stayed in a lot of touristy places, we tried to visit as many scooter/motorcycle places as possible:

  • Saw the Spazio vespa collection in Rome where we hired scooters for the day at BiciBaci
  • Caught up with the Vespa club of Rome
  • Went to Pontedera (the home of Vespa)
  • Had a guided tour of the Ducati factory in Bologna
  • Found a small private scooter collection at Casa Lambretta in Rodano
  • Drove past the Moto Guzzi Museum in Mandello del lario, Lake Como. (sadly, it was closed when we were there)

My favorite was Casa Lambretta in Rodano. There was an impressive selection of all types of scooters with a good workshop that sold parts and accessories. I thought we would see more classic scooters than we actually did in Italy. We did see a lot of Ape’s. They are the equivalent of a tradies van/ute here in New Zealand and were just everywhere. I didn’t see one Lambretta on the road anywhere but there were a few classic 60’s scooters and PX’s and a lot of Automatics.


We had a fantastic time on tour in Italy and would totally recommend it as a destination. We had a great tour group, two awesome ladies in the support van with all the luggage and it only rained twice on the whole trip.

Special mention to Craig, who navigated in some trying conditions but always found some excellent roads for us to enjoy.

We had some small detours along the way but that’s touring. Thanks, mate.

Italy Vespa tour 2024