Mods and Rockers 2014

Mods and Rockers 2014

Rack up another convincing win on Saturday to the MODs in the MAR yet again despite dubious judging and rigged events in the greasy Rockers favour.

A barbecue to start off with at the First European motorcycle shop, 114 Carlyle Street in Sydenham and then a couple of laps around the streets of Ch-Ch. With no serious mishaps but a close call in the braking department from Dean the mod and the weather looking like rain, we went over to Lyttleton and then on to the Tai Tapu Hotel in Selwyn for some refreshments and games. I always look forward to the ride through the tunnel for some reason and the noise and smell of two stroke oil, with 30 odd scooters in there, is just great. We only passed a couple of old triumphs on the way that must have broken down however the rain looked like it may stay away.


fastest rockers bike
brents rat rod
steves minta rally
home made rockers bike








Sadly the Rockers were woeful in all of the premier events like the egg and spoon race, the slow race and the blindfolded rider but atoned for that with a comfortable win in the gumboot tossing…..thankfully they were saved further embarrassment by not having a tug of war this year. Phil did his best to auction off a few triumph items for charity, which were mainly purchased by some of the Ashburton harley riders that had called in for a beer.

All in all another great Mod victory (no one was harmed in the making of this event, except Dean the mod)

scoot parking
his n hers lammys
two SS’s
jason & simon rip it up








The parts for the Super still hadn’t turned up so the SS was loaded onto the trailer for the trip north instead. The SS performed well over the weekend, especially on the hills and is a very different bike to ride then my PX or even Janes Super. Just having run it in, its still not overly fast but that will change in time and after more road miles. After another quick ride back to town, we went for a debrief at Smash Palace. By this time it was getting cold and a few bevys and some hot chips were the order of the day. Not many of the rockers came back so that just meant more parking for the mods. However there were two rockers there that had been waiting for the Phil’s free beer shout, promised for when the rockers next won the event…..

mod parking
two old rockers
distinguished gentlemans ride








On the Sunday the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride was on. This is an international event for Classics, café racers, bobbers, trackers, customs, modern classics, classic scooters & undefinable 2/3 wheeled machines. With 258 rides across 57 countries the aim is to raise money for helping to find a cure for Prostate Cancer.

Details here –

One thing I know is that the suit isn’t the warmest clothing to be wearing on a scooter on a cold day but its all for a good cause.

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