2011 Events

9th January

Blue Smoke & Pedals

10th annual Moped and Scooter Rally.

Sunday 9th January 2011 from 10am to 3.30pm.

The Narrows Park Grounds 442 Airport Rd Tamahere close to the Narrows Bridge and near Hamilton Airport.

$15 entry fee.


26th March

Central Plateau Scooter Challenge

A group of “hardened” scooterists (myself –  Terena Currey, you and friends) are going to ride from Wanganui to Taupo on 50cc scooters on a run to raise money and awareness for the Child Cancer Foundation..

We will be leaving Trafalger Square Car Park at 7am (oohh I can hear the groans) and heading on a route that takes us first to Bulls, and then up State Highway 1 to Taupo.  There will be several stops along the way to relieve numb bottoms, and refuel both people and scooters.  All stops will have toilets available and the chance for refreshments.

What we are after is for people to gain sponsorship (a bit like the 40 hour Famine) for the Child Cancer Foundation, and this can be done by a straight donation of a set amount e.g. $20 for the run, or by sponsoring per km e.g. 10c per km. There is an online website for this set up through fundraiseonline.co.nz!.

We have a website up (www.centralplateauscooterchallenge.co.nz) and this will be regularly updated with information regarding the run, there will be added in the new year a form to register yourself and/or team of up to 6 people, and other information such as the prizes available, and even how to maintain your scooter for the challenge. It costs nothing to enter the Challenge, but I do encourage people to do their best with the fund-raising, you could get a prize if you win the category for the most money raised, best dressed male/female and there are a lot more…

The Child Cancer Foundation does a number of wonderful things for sick Kiwi children and their families. Research, family time away, counseling, bereavement grants, even the little things that really count when times get tough, like a grocery top-up or a wig!

If you would like any more information, feel free to email me: centralplateauscooterchallenge@gmail.com with questions or call me on 021 2045591.

There will be a lot of like-minded people on this ride, and it will be a lot of fun with a wonderful feeling of reward at the end of it! Every little bit counts whether it be $5 or $5000, and as the Child Cancer Foundation says “No child or their family walking the childhood cancer journey should ever feel alone”.
Thank you!


4th June

Brass Monkey at Queens Birthday Weekend

  • Bike show with all the popular categories and great prizes.
  • Live music until late.
  • Huge bonfire to keep you warm.
  • Free firewood for drum fires.
  • Daytime entertainment.
  • Because of the cold you must be prepared.
  • Warm clothing, sleeping bag and approprate tent.
  • Remember liquids can freeze including fuel in your petrol lines and especially water in the radiator.
  • Ensure you have anti-freeze if you don’t want a split radiator.

Details here


27th August

20011 Mods and Rockers winter rumble.

It all started on the beaches of Britain’s South coast in the Mid Sixties. Epic battles between two dedicated groups of young people searching for their identity in the new found social freedoms the generation offered, shaking off the shackles of the war years and the austerity of the Fifties, Rock and Roll was horrifying their peers and the entire fabric of society was under threat (f you asked the older generation), the louder the music the more young people loved it.

Petrol rationing had gone and motorcycles were the transport of choice for the majority, with the arrival of sleek Italian designed scooters there was suddenly a choice of bike styles, no longer did you have to wear greasy old leathers to ride a bike, you could dress smart in the latest fashions and look cool all the time.. Who cared about safety and protective gear, it was all about being cool, the scooters didn’t leak oil and were easy to ride, numbers increased rapidly and so did the animosity with the bike riding rockers.. Conflict was inevitable and the beaches of Brighton and Margate became battle grounds on long weekends over the summer, rolling fistfights en masse and punch ups in the street, shock horror from the locals and a confused reaction from the police who did not know how to deal with social unrest on such a scale..

There was no clear winner and for some the battle is still not over… The fighting may have finished but the resentment burns bright.. So are you ready to stand up and defend yourself against the ever present threat from the greasy old rockers?

Details here



1st September until 30th November

Southern Rider Escapade

Having received your entry form and fee, we will send you your Escapade questions in the week after entries close and hopefully before the 1st September 2011. You then have until the 30th November 2011 to return your completed “Escapade” questions to the organizers. That’s 3 months to complete the event in your own time.

The “Escapade” is like bike road rally with a slight difference. You are given a route to take, and a long this route you must answer questions that you are given on a question sheet, (instead of  marshals and check points).

The “Escapade” can be traveled at any time after you receive your “Escapade” questions until the closing date. This allows you to journey in your own time and at your own pace and to have a look about. Or you can join with others to travel together as a group. We anticipate that the actual “Escapade” will be a distance between 800 – 1200km , but you need to add any distance required to get to the Escapade route.

The “Escapade” is designed to be fun and is not a race, that is why it is done in your own time. There is no time trial, no distance recorder. It’s all a bit of fun. Hopefully if you keep doing them, you may go on a road you have never been on, learn something about our country side. The “Escapade” is design for you to explore around the different areas you stop at as well.

Details here


3rd September

Southern Scooter Challenge

The Scooter Challenge is an endurance ride, from the sea to mountains in New Zealand’s heartland. From windswept Separation Point in Bluff to the tourist Mecca and alpine resort of Queenstown. A journey of 220 kilometers to raise funds for the New Zealand Prostate Cancer Foundation

Details here


23rd – 27th November

The 6th annual Burt Munro Challenge.

Details here