Bajaj scooter update 2


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Bajaj scooter update 2

I finally got Janes Bajaj scooter back together and am now just testing the new electrical system after completing most of the jobs for this scooter. Just as well there’s no invoice for my time…


  1. Complete rewiring for CDI, and key ignition.
  2. New flywheel, engine gaskets , oil seals, etc
  3. New kickstart shaft and kickstart pedal
  4. New rubbers, all cables except speedo
  5. New exhaust
  6. New filter
  7. New levers
  8. New badges
  9. More spray can paint job
  10. New seat

Replacing the control cables can really test your patience (especially doing it by yourself) but I found by crimping an old longer cable and outer onto to the one to be replaced worked a lot better than just taping the bits together.

If you are careful you can then just reuse the old cable for the rest. The cable kit I got from Scoots RS came with 2 extra long cables so if you are changing / ordering cables make sure you oeder an extra long one for this job.

The crimp was just a standard electrical wiring joiner and you get a heap of crimps and connectors with a crimping tool from super cheap for $10.00 – well worth it for the cables and a no brainer when replacing the entire wiring loom.