Bajaj scooter update 3


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Bajaj scooter update 3

The Bajaj has totally new wiring ordered as a complete CDI kit with an additional keyswitch and wiring loom from Scoots RS. Ive put the ignition switch just above the choke, however getting the loom up through to the horn, headlight and handlebar switch wasn’t so straight forward.

You get a link to some instructions and an installation diagram for the new kit when you order it so you have to pay attention because you have to log back into the website then depending on your browser you refresh the screen to get the page to display.

There are two options for wiring depending on whether its a complete rewire or if you’re just connecting to the existing loom so make sure you use the right one. There’s plenty of pictures although the wiring diagram itself doesn’t print very well. Most of the loom has connectors but you may need to change some to suit your different light fittings.

There’s not a lot of room in the plastic termination box and it doesn’t come in the kit but you can order a bajaj or PX one separately. You may need to find some really small crimp connectors to fit the terminals in the box.

So far there is no spark from the coil/HT which is disappointing as the whole point of installing this kit was to make it more reliable and with the added bonus of brighter lighting. I have rechecked the wiring diagram and used my multimeter to check for continuity between points and to make sure everything is earthed properly as per the diagram but still no spark. I’m fairly sure I have traced power from the red wire in the stator (as per the limited instructions from scoots rs customer service) to the red wire connector going into the CDI.

I already know there’s definitely continuity between the two ends and there is some AC voltage appearing as the motor is kicked over, however my meter is a cheaper one so it may be right or not. So just to remind me that I’m not going mad heres a list of what I’ve checked:

  1. Continuity from red wire to CDI – check
  2. Swapped out coil/HT – check
  3. Used another spark plug – check
  4. AC voltage  from stator red wire – check (the meter fluctuates wildly so not exactly sure what voltage)
  5. AC voltage  at the CDI red wire – check (the meter doesn’t fluctuate wildy when I use on of the other stator wires)

Have now ordered a replacement CDI just in case I’ve got a faulty one and it is recommended by the scoots rs ones anyway as they are different to the more common PX ones available here.

I’m hoping that’s going to fix it………..