1966 Vespa SS180 project

1966 Vespa SS180 project

The Super Sport, or S.S., was the successor to the G.S. 160 and was built from 1964 to 1968. With the exception of the increase in cc’s, the motor and suspension design are very similar on the two scooters. On the other hand, the styling of the S.S. was totally new. The new design was much more angular than the rounded G.S.’s Squared off edges and a trapezoidal shaped headlight gave the scooter a thoroughly 60’s appearance. This shape was based on the earlier Vespa G.L. However, the S.S. took the styling to an extreme. It was the G.L./S.S. body design that would influence all of the following full frame Vespas into the middle of the 1970’s.


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This Vespa SS 180 scooter came with some other bits and pieces from Central Otago and was originally registered in Dunedin in 1966.

The engine is a 1965 serial number in an Airco body. It is complete but will need to be restored. The body, tank, headset are in great shape but will need sandblasted and some panel beating done. It came with a couple of spare rims and tyres and a box of misc bits and pieces.

I’m not sure what I will do with this at the moment but if your interested, read on. It might be worth my time “doing it up” as a restored one with original plate and papers could be worth good money.

  • Good Points:

Its relatively complete; the motor turns over freely, oil is old but clean; the original exhaust is in good condition, both side pods have had panel work done and are primered and the engine side louvres have been replaced; The airco seat is in great condition; The glovebox is off another SS; The tank is rust free and has the original cap and tap; There are all new bearings and seals in a box; It has the correct tail light, headlamp, badges and speedometer; The original stand is there and will replace the one I have on it; It has the original number plate, NZ ownership papers and handbook. 

  • Less good but no big deal points:

The front guard needs minor panel work and the body should be fine when media blasted; The RH engine case needs some aluminium weld adjacent to the kick start shaft; Someone has replaced the quadrant at one time with an earlier model one. It has a replacement SS quadrant and new kick start lever with it; Its missing the spare wheel cover and the speedo has a crack in it.

Its a good project either way for someone and if you are interested, let me know. Complete, non-seized examples are getting harder to find now but to the right person I may be interested in selling it, as is.

Project now Sold