Function at the Junction

Function at the Junction

Function at the Junction

Mac, one of the local well known scooterists in NZ was tasked with organising a weekend of fun for keen participants. My wife and I had already talked about purchasing a new trailer from a ch-ch company, so we organised a trip to collect it around the function at the junction in Blenheim. I decided to ride up on the trusty PX with the wife following in the work truck and collect the trailer on the way so that I would have my own support crew.

The ride up from invers was good with no wind and a warm day and feeling not too bad I decided to carry on to Temuka and stop there for the night. We had only been through there once before so we had time to have a look around and went to a local pub for tea after getting a room at a local motel. The PX ran great and other than the countless fuel stops there were no issues at all.

After an early start the next morning we made good time getting to Ch-Ch to pick up the new trailer and carried on through to Blenheim. Another great days riding in warm sunny conditions made the trip easy and Jane couldn’t keep up with me for parts of the ride.

We caught up with Mac and booked into our unit at the motel next door to the Junction Hotel. As more scooters started to turn up we went next door to the bar for a look. We ended up having our meals here and some of the riders stayed here as well.

Mack had organised some ride outs and the local footy club as a venue for us with a DJ for the final night. The first ride out was a coastal route that took us around the local bays and Jane was lucky enough to get a ride around in the support van. There is some awesome scenery there with heaps of little bays to explore and choice riding to boot. There ended up to be about 20 odd scooters, so a good turn out and catch up with old friends was the order of the day. We were lucky enough to get an invitation to Mark Browns place, another well known scooterist, where we saw some of his collection. He has some very very nice scooters in his collection with my favourite being an awesome blue Ducati in mint condition.

Jane and I had some time to go to some of the local wineries and a brewery and really enjoyed our first trip to Blenheim. We had a good drive home and stopped at kaikoura for some kai moana and stayed at a lodge inland from there.

Mac and his helpers put on an awesome event with great weather and a good turn out and suspiciously Mac’s Heinkel scooter was one of the ones mentioned in dispatches. I was lucky enough to get furthest travelled and really enjoyed the ride and the company.