Bajaj scooter update 8

Bajaj scooter update 8

The journey continues….Bajaj scooter update 8

So I got all the extra bits I needed installed and put humpty back together again, then added oil to the gearbox and fresh fuel in the tank.

Took it off the lift and onto the stand, gave it some choke and tried to start it. Nada….zip…….zilch……harumph.

  • Checked the fuel – fine and getting to the carb.
  • Checked the spark plug – no spark
  • Changed the spark plug – still no spark
  • Changed the HT Coil – still no spark
  • Changed the CDI unit – still no spark

Got the meter out and checked the cabling and the pickup, stator – all OK as per the wiring diagram for the 12v CDI kit but still no farkin spark !!!

AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH right – where’s the petrol, time for a bajaj bonfire.

After a sit and think with a cold beer I decided to ditch the 12v CDI kit and try a standard 6v stator Mr Skoot sent me to see if I could torture myself a bit longer. After then breaking the head off one of the stator screws I had to have another sit down and cold beer. Luckily there was enough thread outside the hole that I could get it out with a pair of vice grips. Yay.

I connected everything back up to test for spark and bugga me dead, nice blue sparky stuff appeared where it should. Now onto when it should appear, I made a mark on the casing and stator and started from there until I eventually had it running. yay.suspension

No lights but at least it starts, things are looking up! While the scooter was on the stand I noticed that something about the motor didn’t look right as the carby seemed to be catching on the inside of the body. Sure enough the shocky had come loose from the top mount.

Harumph Barry strikes again!!

Back to the naughty corner for Barry and now waiting for new shock mounting from