Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2016

Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2016.Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2016.

“It is the responsibility of riders to ensure both they and their scooter are road legal. All scooters must be registered and carry a current Warrant of Fitness. Registration plates must belong to that vehicle. If a scooter is found to be in breach, the rider will be disqualified”

This years awesome event tripped up a few riders who were either unprepared or just didn’t care enough to follow the rules and subsequently some teams were disqualified.

Team ARSCRAC had some scooter breakdown issues from day one and although rode hard where possible were down the placings in the trophy this year. This in no way stopped the enjoyment of the best Moto TT to date. Scooters breakdown no matter how well you prepare but this year there seemed to be a few more in the Lambretta camp than the Vespa one…

Congratulations to the trophy winners this year – Seizey and the Jets. All seasoned riders with well maintained Lambrettas.

Christiaan and his hardworking team continue to provide a premier event for scooter enthusiasts here in New Zealand with great routes, accommodation and prizes.

The word is the event will be in the mainland next year around the top of the south island so hopefully a few more south island based clubs will get on board and enter teams.