Vespa PK100 update 1

pk_ET2 forks

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The PK was always going to be a project and become a good smallframe learning platform. While I have had 2 smallframes over the years, I hadn’t worked on them much and didn’t know a lot about them, other than general maintenance that applies to most vespa scooters. It ran OK when I got it but had some issues and really just needed some love.

For some reason the scooter didn’t have a stand when I got it. If you have owned any scooter or motorcycle without a stand it’s a real pain. I didn’t have a centre stand that would fit so I used a sidestand for a PX that I had in my cack collection. I just had to modify the spring and where it attached to the floor. It leans over a bit, like they do, but it’s quite stable with a stronger spring.

Over the years, I had collected an ET2 disc brake fork with a Sportique/VBB headset modified for a master cylinder. It had some damage around the light switch but was serviceable and seemed a logical upgrade for the drum braked PK fork. It came with the wheel and a new Heidenau tyre.

Because the original fork and the ET2 one were very similar in length and there was no front guard to worry about, it looked to be reasonably straight forward. I had to modify the hideous mudguard mount on the disc fork so it would turn inside the horn cover and then added a fork stop.

The fork bearings needed replaced anyway and as it turns out so did the cables. The rear shock is pretty crap and the front shock is not much better so they will need upgraded at some point and a disk brake line and fittings will also be required.

The previous owner had indicated the clutch may need looked at so that will be added to the list.

Roll on summer.