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Douglas 42L2 update 1

Douglas 42L2 update 1

Scooters made in the 1950’s had different frame styles and engines than the more recent scooters.

50’s scooter attributes

  • Engine side cowl has a bump that cuts into the frame.
  • There is a small door below the choke and fuel levers which hinges toward the headset. For models with 8″ wheels this is where the carburettor is located. For 10″ models this is a storage area.
  • The engine castings are in three main sections; the two crankcase halves and the swingarm, which can be unbolted from the engine.
  • The frame tunnel from the rear brake pedal to the rear flares out significantly
  • There are two frame to engine swing arm bolts rather than a single long one.

The Douglas 42L2 has been moved since its original purchase 6 years ago and has sat patiently waiting for some work to be done. I put some new wheels and tyres on it and started the reconditioning of the engine.

Originally I wanted to retain the old piston porter engine and just needed some time and parts to get it going but as time goes by and you eventually collect more scooter stuff the plan can change accordingly.

I really like the basic look of this scooter and the paint job is still in OK condition, where you can see it. It had some rubber strips glued to the floor which just retained the moisture and were a real rust trap, however I’m not sure what to do with whats left behind as heating the glue to remove it just takes the paint off as well…

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So the plan is to now put a PX engine in it to get it rideable, upgrade the lighting to 12V, repair the original speedo and retain the GS/Sportique tail light. The single seat is off a Puch or an NSU and while I’m not a big fan of the single seat riding position, I do like the look of it.

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