Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2015

Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2015.

This was the first of the event previously known as the Mille Miglia Scooter Challenge.

Christiaan from Retroscooter and his hard working team outdid themselves this year with a sublime event. With around 70 scooters taking part this year the scene was set for some serious competition and is an indication

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NZ Motoretta Tourist Trophy

Southern Scoot is part of team ARSCRAC and will be riding with a newly rebuilt SS180 motor by Mike at Not a motorcycle shop. The logistics are not too bad for this trip with the scooter already in Mikes workshop in Wellington. Mrs Southern Scoot is going to be involved with the support team

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Vespa SS180 update 2

Vespa SS180 update 2

I’m still running in the SS180 so every chance I get, which isn’t as much as I’d like, I take it out for a spin. It’s got nearly 300kms on it now so only a couple of hundy to go.

Whilst riding a couple of weeks ago, I pulled up

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