1951 Lambretta LC 125

1951 Lambretta LC 125

  • Was produced in Italy between 1950 and 1951 with a total of 42500 units.
  • With 125 cc it has a Bore/Stroke of 52×58 mm and a carburetor Dellorto MA16.
  • This model has 3 gears and 4.3 horse power, going up to 65-70 km/h with a consumption of 50 km/l.
  • The lambretta 125LC weights 80 kg, it has a fuel tank of 6L and uses 4×8 tyres.

Recently, a local man was selling an old Lambretta frame on Trade Me, that he had had for over 20 years. It looked pretty well buggered in the photos as if it had sat outside in the weather for 20 years before finally finding its way to a shed.

While not really being a Lambretta man, I did like the look of it and like all old relics it could probably tell a story or two. Having plenty of Vespa stuff to do, it probably wont be getting restored as all the parts you need are basically gone however as time goes by some parts may become available…

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Some of the scooter experts had said it was an old LD scooter and I was lucky enough to be given a part for one by one of the Napier scooter boys. With a bit of help from Nick, a man who once owned a similar scooter, I was able to ascertain what year and model the frame actually is by finding the stamped serial number on the front engine mount.

The LD’s and apparently some other later models, have the serial number stamped on the rear engine mount just under the oil tank. As it turned out it is the model before the LD – an LC, and is one of the first Lambrettas to originally have side panels.

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Trying to find all the parts needed for this in NZ would be a real mission and with the condition of the frame not being very good, probably a waste of time and money………….. however if someone out there has a side panel, any condition considered, I would be very interested to hear from you.