2021 Events

The Grand Tour

Come and hang with scooter geeks, have a decent length ride out, then hang with scooter geeks again. It’s not a scooter rally. Don’t expect a participation certificate or concours d’elegance waffle-fest because there won’t be one.

The idea is all staying at a nice old school hotel, The Grand Hotel in Whanganui, socialising at the same place, and a good fang in between. There’s an Irish pub and a Breakers onsite, and lots of places for dinner somewhere Saturday evening.

It’s on Wellington Anniversary weekend and on the same dates as the Whanganui Vintage Weekend so there is plenty going on in the town. If you’re keen on going get in quick and book as rooms are already getting booked up!

Jan 22 – Jan 24

The Grand Hotel Whanganui

99a Guyton Street, Whanganui, New Zealand 4500

Burt Munro

The best motor racing event in New Zealand.

10th – 14th February


Canscoot March Hare run

26th March – 28th March

The team from Christchurch are coming south to Glenorchy and about, for a scooter shindig. 


40th Brass Monkey

The coldest motor racing event in New Zealand.

Queens Birthday Weekend – 2nd June /3rd June


The Cold Kiwi

3rd to 5th if September 2021.