Bajaj scooter update 4

Bajaj scooter update 4

Finally it lives !!!

After giving up on the Scoot RS electronic kit, I got another flywheel and reconditioned stator from Bajaj Brookes aka Mr Skoot. I also found the HT lead had a broken tag at the spark plug connector end that went into the cable but it was still touching so would work intermittently.

After replacing that I had good spark all of the time and I knew I was getting fuel as the carby would fill up if I left the fuel tap on.

With some wrenching advise from the master I proceeded to install the new stator and flywheel in the position advised but alas other than a bit of backfiring there was no go. After removing the flywheel and adjusting the stator about 12 times I was ready to torch it and had some fuel handy.

The backfiring was coming through the carby so I took the air filter off and tried a few more times and even pushed it round the shed for a bit but, no joy….harumph!!!

That was over 2 weeks ago and today I thought I might as well go and torture myself a bit more….

After removing the flywheel to restart the timing process I noticed the key was now flush with the crank and inside the flywheel were some suspicious metal looking bits and pieces.

Hmmmm… OK, so I went and got another key from E Hayes and sons, without doubt, the best hardware shop in the world! I tightened the crankshaft nut up to the point of breaking off a cooling fin on the flywheel, checked the fuel then on with the choke and two kicks later away it went.


There is still a small backfire with it so I may need to do some timing adjustments but at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel.