Bajaj scooter update 5

Bajaj scooter update 5

So the new (reconditioned stator) does indeed run the bike as expected however this doesn’t help one iota with the lights.

I got the 12v Scoots RS kit because it came with a new wiring loom and an additional loom that included the ignition and key plus all the new bulbs and a brake light kit so hacking it to suit a 6 volt system seemed a bit silly to me.bajaj Sparkplug_Cap

Now that I had a running bajaj motor perhaps the 12v Scoots RS kit would work as expected ?

It was lying in a heap in a box on the bench and I had just cut the wires off it to remove it to use the reconditioned 6v stator I had just got, so I rewired the 12v Scoots RS kit, got a new terminal box as the tiny screws can strip the plastic very easily, checked all connectors and solder joints, replaced the spark plug connector on the HT lead with one of these NGK caps that screw into the lead – purchased from a local motorcycle shop. I had left the new wiring loom, voltage regulator and CDI unit all in place so just installed the stator and flywheel – I had already replaced the key on the crankshaft so fingers crossed we were good to go.

Got the bajaj off the lift and fueled it up, on with the choke and the new key ignition, 2 kicks and away it went!! To say it was a relief is an understatement. I got it to idle on the stand and quickly put the seat back on to take it for a ride. Other than the brakes needing adjusting it seems to run ok however none of the lights are working – harumph!!

So now the next mission is to check out the bajaj lighting system.

Oh Goody.