Douglas Vespa Wideframe project 1

Douglas Vespa Wideframe project 1

Scooters made in the 1950’s had different frame styles and engines than the more recent scooters. To differentiate them from 60’s and later era machines they have the following physical attributes:

  • Engine side cowl has a bump that cuts into the frame.
  • There is a small door below the choke and fuel levers which hinges toward the headset. For models with 8″ wheels this is where the carb is located. For 10″ models this is a storage area.
  • The engine castings are in three main sections; the two crankcase halves and the swingarm.
  • The frame tunnel from the rear brake pedal to the rear flares out significantly
  • There are two frame to engine swing arm bolts rather than a single long one.
  • The left side cowl is a glovebox with a small hinged door in the top. It is attached to the frame from inside with a series of bolts.



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This Douglas Wideframe scooter came with some other bits and pieces from a local Invercargill man called Rex. He had advertised on Trade Me looking for a cash sale – not an auction, for his cack (thats scooter stuff mum) and had some photo’s of the scooters and parts.

Everything had been in a spare room for 8-10 years with the intention to “do them up” but time and life changed his circumstances.

I’m not sure what I will do with this at the moment but if your interested, read on. It might be worth “doing up” or just reassembling it and getting it going or maybe even selling it as is.

  • Good Points:

Original wiring; speedo, original exhaust in good condition, Body in good condition and complete with little surface rust.

  • Less good but no big deal points:

Motor doesn’t turn over; no carb but has air cleaner. Missing engine cover and shroud, right pod needs rust treated.

Its a good project either way for someone.

Project now Sold


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