Southern Rider Escapade

Southern Rider Escapade

1 September till 30th November

This year is our 4th annual Southern Rider Escapade.

The Escapade is a bike road rally with a slight difference. You are given a route to take, and a long this route you must answer questions that are given on a question sheet. You then return the question sheet with your answers, and your badge is sent out to you after the close off date for completing the Escapade.

The dates are not set in stone for a weekend that you do it on. You have from 1 September till 30th November, a period of 3 months to complete. You can do it in your own time, by yourself or with a group. You can do it in one day go or a couple of days and make it a holiday away. You can do it in any order you like as long as you get all the questions. You can start the loop any where and finish anywhere.

The important things are;

  •  You must get as many of the answers as you can. (Don’t be too worried about getting a question wrong or missing one…)
  • You must have fun doing it.


Here are some FAQ’s that will help answer any questions you have.


Entry Form for 2012 here.