Bajaj scooter update

Bajaj scooter update

Just had order confirmed from Scoots RS for new seat and bits and pieces for Janes Bajaj and the 42L2.

I know we all try to get S/H bits and bobs where we can and fix things up but sometimes its just cheaper to buy what you need new.

I have dealt with Scoot RS for over 3 years now and they have been pretty good with no problems and excellent products at a good price.

Prices are in US dollars but with the exchange rate it’s all good however the freight costs can be ridiculous.


100510 x 1 Chrome trim beading $1.49
V0807-SS x 1 Gas tank cap stainless steel $13.99
V0810 x 1 Gas tank cap lock $1.59
V0813 x 1 Tank rubber gasket $5.49
V0915-BC x 1 Panel trim VBC Super/VLB Sprint/GT/SS180 stainless steel $4.49
V0943 x 1 Legshield badge VBC Super/VLB Sprint/Rally180 (Vespa) $6.49
V1211-SS x 1 Fender crest VLB Sprint stainless steel $5.49
V1339 x 1 Steering lock VLB Sprint/etc $5.99
V1402 x 1 Speedometer rim VBB/GS150/VLB Sprint/SS180 $2.59
V1404 x 1 Speedometer gasket VBB/GS150/VLB Sprint/SS180 $0.79
V1413-BB-GR x 1 Grips rubber 21mm Option: Gray $3.29
V1413-GR x 1 Grips rubber 24mm Option: Gray $3.29
V1416 x 2 Handlebar levers $9.98
V1650 x 1 Cable set gray VLB Sprint/Rally/etc. $16.49
V1802 x 1 Light-horn switch $8.99
V1824 x 1 Headlight rim stainless steel VLB Sprint/VSC SS180/VLA $6.79
V1835-L1 x 1 Rear tail light lens VL/VB1/Allstate $7.79
V2015-BL x 1 Dual seat Option: Black $53.99
V2022 x 1 Dual seat pin and nut $2.09

Subtotal: $161.10

Shipping: $88.95

Total: $250.05


I broke the kickstart off Janes scooter burning around the section in the dark before she had a chance to ride it ! Bugger…

I managed to get a mate to weld it back on for me which was a bit of a mish as the kickstart shaft was pretty buggered but he got there in the end.

Cheers Nathan.


weld1 weld2 weld3



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