Mrs JC’s Super update

So the Super is almost ready to go.

I have ordered a new BGM shock and some other electrical bits and pieces and a strap for the new battery.

With the old super shock in the bike the PX200 electric start was causing some issues as the extra weight and the location of the starter motor for some reason meant that the frame was hitting on the starter motor assembly. I was a bit surprised to find this as everyone I have talked to had said they had no issues with the starter motor hitting the frame. To be fair there is a little more weight than the average sized rider when I’m on the scooter…..and according to some scooter forums, it looked like the simple solution was to just drop the electric start.

Yeah right Tui……









A quick measure up and it looked like a small 20mm slot just had to be cut out of the body to allow the starter housing to go past without too many issues. Once I had taken the grinder to the body the slot looked a bit odd so I ended up trimming about 5-10mm off the bottom edge of the body and just following the contour around so that the slot just fit in and it didn’t look too bad at all.


20140913_150945 20140913_15092820140913_152355








Hopefully the new shock and the rest of the parts will turn up soon as the plan is to take it to Ch-Ch for the Mods and Rockers ride out with the Canscoot team.

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