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Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2017

Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2017

Another fantastic scooter event has finished and finally was located in the South Island. Sadly for some teams from the North Island, this years event was always going to be logistically challenging, however some would say the event was better with the fewer teams that came down to the mainland.

The roads

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2017 Events

Motoretta Tourist Trophy

Friday the 21st April to Tuesday the 25th April.

If you can only go on one scooter ride a year, make it this one.

A 4 day, 1000 mile team ride for classic geared scooters.

An epic test of man and machine, taking in the best roads and scenery in the top

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Burt Munro Challenge 2016

Burt Munro Challenge 2016

Recently we attended the 11th annual Burt Munro Challenge with scooter friends from around the country. This years event coincided with the opening of the new Classic Motorcycle Mecca here in Tay St. The Bill Richardson Transport World and Motorcycle Mecca are both world class collections now part of a local

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Canscoot Show Weekend Ride 2016

Canscoot Show Weekend Ride 2016

This years ride started out well with fine weather and no wind being a real bonus for any scooter trip. I met up with some of the Canscoot guys at Smash Palace the night before for a plot and scheme session. The route had originally been chosen by Matt from

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Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2016

Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2016.

“It is the responsibility of riders to ensure both they and their scooter are road legal. All scooters must be registered and carry a current Warrant of Fitness. Registration plates must belong to that vehicle. If a scooter is found to be in breach, the rider will be disqualified”

This years

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NZ Classic Scooter Club Rally

NZ Classic Scooter Club Rally

This years NZCSC rally at Tatum Park in Manakau, which is up north on SH 1 between Otaki and Levin got off to a bad start for the Black Roughie.

Planning to leave early didn’t happen and while wanting to get to Ch-Ch on the first day, it all went

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2016 Events

The 12th NZ Classic Scooter Club national scooter rally 19-21 February    Fri 12 AM · Tatum Park · Manakau   A weekend of scooter goodness.

The NZ Classic Scooter Club was started in 1995 as a register of owners of old, interesting or unusual:

scooters mopeds clip on bicycle motors Stepthru’s Autocycles Power Cycles


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Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2015

Motoretta Tourist Trophy 2015.

This was the first of the event previously known as the Mille Miglia Scooter Challenge.

Christiaan from Retroscooter and his hard working team outdid themselves this year with a sublime event. With around 70 scooters taking part this year the scene was set for some serious competition and is an indication

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2015 Events

35th Annul Brass Monkey Rally

Queens Birthday Weekend

Saturday 30th May – Sunday 31st May

Idaburn Dam, Oturehua, Central Otago.



Motoretta Tourist Trophy

Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th April 2015

A four day, 1000 mile team ride for classic geared scooters.

An epic test of man and machine, taking in the BEST

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Southern Scoot in Africa

Recently we were fortunate enough to be able to travel to South Africa and to go on two Safari’s. The two Lodges – Hoyo Hoyo in the Kruger national park in South Africa and Muchenje in the Chobe national park in Botswana were just awesome. Most of what you see of on TV about wildlife

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NZ Motoretta Tourist Trophy

Southern Scoot is part of team ARSCRAC and will be riding with a newly rebuilt SS180 motor by Mike at Not a motorcycle shop. The logistics are not too bad for this trip with the scooter already in Mikes workshop in Wellington. Mrs Southern Scoot is going to be involved with the support team

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Waiheke Scooter Rally

Waiheke Scooter Rally

Recently we were lucky enough to attend this event as an addition to a planned family holiday to the north island. Big thanks to Christiaan from Retroscooter who was kind enough to lend me his SS180 for the rally and to put us up for the night in Auckland – respect.


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Mods and Rockers 2014

Mods and Rockers 2014

Rack up another convincing win on Saturday to the MODs in the MAR yet again despite dubious judging and rigged events in the greasy Rockers favour.

A barbecue to start off with at the First European motorcycle shop, 114 Carlyle Street in Sydenham and then a couple of laps around the

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Mods and Rockers 2014

Mods and Rockers 2014

The mods and rockers were two conflicting British youth subcultures of the early to mid-1960s and 1970s.

Media coverage of mods and rockers fighting in 1964 sparked a moral panic about British youths, and the two groups became labelled as folk devils.

Direct from the horse’s mouth – First European

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Nelson Mods and Rockers

Call John on 021 861 673 for more information about this event.

Mille Miglia 2014 – Done

4th place and peoples choice

Mille Miglia 2014

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since the Mille Miglia Scooter Challenge and the memories are still very good of the whole experience. Since then, due to a copyright infringement, the organisers have had to rename the event. From next year the event will be

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Mille Miglia 2014

Mille Miglia 2014


Southern Scoot has joined an Australasian team for this years Mille and is working hard to get an SS180 ready after an unexpected motor meltdown. The logistics are proving as difficult as usual with the wait for parts from overseas, scooter transportation from one

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Clunk Scooter Club Calendar

Clunk Scooter Club Calendar

So whose got some good pictures of their scooter?

Looking for that perfect gift for your scooterist?

Read the rules, get out there on your scooter, take your camera and get some pictures off to Tara for the next

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Easter 2013

While on holiday with family in christchurch over the Easter break, the opportunity to join the Canscoot guys on a ride out to Akaroa was too good to miss so the PX was packed onto the trailer for the drive to shakey town.

The weather forecast was grim but the rain missed us and it

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Taupo Rally